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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Something About Snow

There's something about snow that brings out the bounce in every dog I've ever known.  And my three are no exception.

When the white stuff is on the ground, Jasper forgets he doesn't like wet feet and bounds through the snow like a long-legged deer.

Lilah loves sticking her face in a snowpile; when she lifts her head up, she looks like she's been powdered with confectioner's sugar.

And Tucker the terrier, well, he just gets terrier-er.

There's chasing and pouncing to be done, snow holes to dig, sticks and dirt clumps to discover and play That's Mine and You Can't Have It.

In short, my canine companions frolic.

And while, as an adult human, I get to join in some of the fun, sometimes the best gift is watching my dogs play with joyous abandon.  There's nothing else quite like it.

The first snow of 2012 came this past weekend, and while it only deposited a few inches, it was more than enough for a few happy dogs to enjoy.

Below are some highlights.

Anticipation; the dogs can see the snow and can't wait to get out there.

Let the winter games begin.

Lilah after a snout/snow encounter.  A side benefit to snow--for me, anyway--is that Lilah loses her Stealth Dog abilities. It's only on snow-covered ground that she's actually visible at night.

Tucker pondering; should he chase Lilah or Jasper?

In Pounce Position, Tucker has his eye on Jasper.

Jasper makes a run for it.

The chase goes all around the yard.

Tucker goes for the grab but can't take Jasper down.

Not one to favor brother over sister, it's time for Tucker to chase Lilah. Even though he practically flies over the snow, he'll never catch Lilah--unless she wants him to.

In between chase scenes: a touching moment between Lilah and Tucker.

Ah, payback time. Lilah and Jasper team up to get Tucker--and he loves every minute.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Athena supervises Brian as he shovels the deck.

Back inside, a happy, cold and snow-sprinkled trio waits to get dried off and warmed up. A treat or two makes it worth their while. 

A few days later and all that's left is a tiny patch of snow from the pile Brian created when shoveling off the deck. But it's just enough for Lilah...

If you want to see more fun in the snow, check out my Welcome to the Winter Games post from last year.

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