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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Paws to reflect: Doggy edition

I don't think it's just me. Really.  I'm not the only one who thinks that paws are among the cutest parts of a dog--or a cat. Of course, noses, waggy tails, whiskers and bellies are also adorable.

But there's something about paws.  They're not just for walking and running. They can shake hands and high five. They can tap you gently to remind you that petting and belly rubbing needs to continue. They are flexible and expressive. They can be fuzzy, furry, soft, rough, muddy, wet, slippery.  And--I swear--dog paws smell like popcorn.

In looking over the many photos I've taken through the years, I realize that there is a preponderance of paws, so it seemed like a likely topic for a post. Today, I'll feature puppy paws; next week, I'll look at kitty feet.

Lilah has delicate velvet paws, Tucker shows off his furry feet and Jasper stretches his long legs.

Even though Jasper is 60 pounds to Tucker's 38, their paws seem about the same size. Like a canine Clydesdale, Tucker's legs end in large hairy feet.

Lilah's small, pretty paws contrast with Jasper's moose feet.

Pasha used to cross his paws and look oh-so-sophisticated.

Jasper can create the same air of calm dignity. Sometimes.

I love it when Lilah's paws hang over the edge of a stair or bed. They look so dainty and sweet compared to her brothers.

Paws come in handy when you need to chew a bone. You can balance the bone just perfectly--to get the best spot for a good gnaw.

Rosie used her paws to hold frisbees--and sometimes to nearly catch them. Though usually she just grabbed them out of the air with her mouth.

Jasper and Tucker pause (can't resist the pun) to contemplate their next move.

Paws are also part of a good hug--or in this case a wake up kiss from Rosie to a young Aaron.

Or a hug from Lilah as she nibbles on Jasper's ear.

Paws are also good for stretching. Sometimes they seem to get stuck, with one or two legs extended in the air in a silly pose.

Even when he's not stretching, Jasper's paws look endless. We call this position "broccoli paws." Imagine how broccoli bunches look when you buy them rubber banded-together in the store, and you'll understand how we came to that expression.

Tucker's furry paws are a mud magnet. After he and his siblings come in from a run in our yard, they are all required to play the "Treats for the Feets" game where they give me paws to wipe, and I give them treats--one per paw.
If I don't wipe paws, there are sometimes consequences. Last spring, Lilah felt it was necessary to review my To Do list for the upcoming Passover seder.

One of the best things for paws is to lay your head upon them and ponder the big questions of the universe.


  1. I couldn't agree more. How funny and cute. I once spent an hour photographing my cat while he slept because his paws were out and I loved the way they looked. As for the popcorn smell..I'm not so sure about that. LOL.

  2. @Adele Bee Ann: Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed this week's post. Look for kitty paws featured in my next entry. (And I'm really happy I'm not the only one taking pictures of my pets' feet.)