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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Paws for Cats

In my last post, I wrote about paws. How I'm inexplicably drawn to them. How I love their versatility, their expressiveness--their pure adorability.

After sifting through dozens of pictures of my furry friends' feet, I realized that I might be considered a Particularly when I realized I had so many photos that I had to split my paws post into pieces.

Thus last week went to the dogs, and this week, I pause (couldn't help it again) for cats.

Do not ask what planets aligned in order to create the magic that is in this photo. Just marvel as Jasper and Dawn share a moment.

The bottom of kitty feet feature soft round pads like jelly beans nestled in fur. While dogs paws smell like popcorn (I swear!), I am not brave enough to find out if cat feet do too. I value my face.

Dawn's paws look so soft and gentle, as they pour off the edge of the counter.

Sometimes a paw is tucked underneath a cat for safekeeping.

At other times, all paws disappear in what we call a full Meatloaf position. (For more about cat as Meatloaf, see my post on cat vocabulary.)

Athena often sleeps with her little kitty feet curled over her body.
Sometimes, you have to stretch those feet--and one or more get stuck in strange positions.

And sometimes, when you're asleep, you just let it hang out.

Paws do need maintenance, and as cats don't tend to like my version of a feline manicure, they need to find better places to have their nails done. Like a scratching post built into a cat tree.

Athena shows off her very pointy paws in an elegant Window Stretch.

Cat paws are great for grabbing at Things. Even if those Things aren't there. They Might Have Been.

Sometimes another paw is The Thing to paw at. Particularly if it's Inside a Box. Those paws must be Dealt With.

Cat feet also make good boxing gloves. Until I had feline companions, I had no idea that there's a thudding sound when cats hit each other. Talk about smackdown!

Both Athena and Dawn have mastered the gentle, "Please, sir, could you spare a bit o' grub for an 'ungry cat?" tap--that ever-so-light touch with a soft paw accompanied by wide eyes and a plaintive, questioning "mew." I think Athena's trying to be a little surreptitious here; she's keeping the deniability option open. It might have been The Other Cat reaching out and touching Brian.

And, of course, paws are useful when you want to send a text message. Though I wouldn't recommend texting after drinking.

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